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The magic of staying in style

Within the exclusive scenario of a prestigious historic building to be admired and discovered, you will experience an exciting and pleasant feeling, pervaded by the emotion of an intriguing journey back in time.

Accommodation in one of our comfortable and romantic suites will result in the pleasure and excitement of living a unique, exclusive and unforgettable experience, in a refined and welcoming environment, surrounded by the charming frame of a stately home, stylishly and elegantly furnished with original period furniture.

You will live a truly emotional experience in this oasis of peace and quiet, a real corner of paradise, enjoying a restful stay in one the most beautiful Boroughs in Italy and the relaxing atmosphere of Lake Trasimeno, in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature.

Our Suites

Louis Philip Suite

The name of this elegant suite is due to the fact that it is skilfully and entirely furnished and fitted with valuable Louis Philip Style furniture, all consisting of original items from the first half of the nineteenth century.

From the entrance corridor you get to a welcoming and graceful lounge and to the master bedroom. Its ceiling is carefully frescoed; on the walls there is a valuable collection of colourful period prints, resulting in a warm and cozy setting.

The suite includes a large-sized and welcoming bathroom.

Empire Suite

The name of this prestigious suite is inspired by its substantial furniture, entirely including refined and elegant early nineteenth-century Empire Style forniture.

It includes an elegant lounge as antechamber, leading to the master bedroom with a frescoed ceiling, featuring a pretty allegorical scene in the middle; on the walls there are several stylish oil paintings with floral topics, which make the environment pleasant and relaxing.

The suite includes a large-sized and elegant bathroom with shower.

Grand Suite

Skilfully furnished with valuable original period furniture from the first half of the nineteenth century, this sumptuous suite includes a large-sized and prestigious sitting room, leading to the elegant bedroom and extensive terrace with a breath-taking view of Lake Trasimeno.

The wonderful ceiling in the sitting room is richly decorated with precious frescoes by the famous neoclassical artist Bartolomeo Pinelli.

The bedroom, embellished by valuable frescoes on the ceiling, is furnished with elegant Empire Style furniture; hanging on the walls is a precious collection of watercolour paintings which makes the room intimate and charming.

The suite includes a large and stylish bathroom with a shower.

The garden

and the terrace of the poetess of the lake

Since it was built, what is now Palazzo Pantini Nicchiarelli, it has had several owners over the years, but its salon and its magnificent panoramic garden have always remained at the center of the civil, political and cultural life of the area, frequented by influential personalities such as politicians, intellectuals, writers and artists.

In particular, between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a number of female authors found their inspiration right here: Assunta Pieralli, Maria Alinda Bonacci Brunamonti and Vittoria Aganoor Pompilj, all illustrious representatives of Italian women’s literature, frequented the salon of the palace and enjoyed the magnificent panorama of Lake Trasimeno from the garden, stimulating their creative imagination and poetic inspiration.

And precisely to these three great women of culture, our Poetesses of the Lake who have been able to give prestige to this splendid area, we wanted to pay homage by naming the large panoramic terrace of Palazzo Pantini Nicchiarelli.

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So we open our doors and serve what is most beautiful and good we have to offer! We have mixed passion, research, innovation and tradition to give you a unique experience.

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